Look Ahead

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So it has been quite a while since I have posted a blog. But this thought is just to long for a quick twitter, and I really felt like I should share.

I was watching the boys as they were bringing some things upstairs, and noticed that both of them kept looking behind them. They were watching what was happening there rather then focusing on what was ahead of them. Multiple times I had to remind them to look forward or else they are going to fall and get hurt.

A few things I felt the Lord speak to me..

1. The boys wanted to do it themselves and not let mumma help.. and in turn almost fell down the stairs from tripping over what they were carrying. We so often try to carry the burdens that the Lord has offered to take. We are just so stubborn and feel like we have something to prove. Psalm 55:22 says “Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.” What do you need to stop carrying so you can walk with out being hindered.

2. They kept watching what was behind them.. We worry about where we have been, what we have done, and what people think of us. We keep focused on the past.. Eventually you will fall and it will most likely hurt. We need to turn our eyes and focus forward. Proverbs 4:25-26 says “Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Mark out a straight path for your feet and stay on the safe path.”

When you follow the Lord you need to let go of what was and hold on to what is. He is the way the truth and the life. Stop worrying about whats behind you. Give your burdens to Him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”

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The Bug..

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So a couple of nights ago our boys got the throw up bug. I was praying with everything in me to keep them from this bug, but they got it and it broke my heart not being able to make it better. Malachi didn’t get it to bad.. only a couple of moments in the bathroom. But Nehemiah really got it bad.. all the dry heaving.. it was horrible. He is a fighter. We would tell him, “Just throw up in the bucket Neo.. just let it out..” “Uh uh.” He would not let it get him.. though really there was not much choice in the matter. He would keep trying to fight it back. Through all of this I would pray. And I was praying. Telling God that HE says that if I had faith the size of a mustard seed… mountains will move. Why are these mountains not moving and why are my boys suffering. I felt so helpless. There is nothing worse then seeing your children hurting and there is nothing that you can do. It makes me sick to my stomach and tears start to run down my face because I want nothing more then to make everything better.
Then I felt the Lord speak to my heart.. Now imagine how much greater the pain is for me.. For his children that there is nothing he can do.. We have to make a choice to follow him, and to make time for him.. We have to make that choice.. How his heart breaks for us when we wonder off and choose not to follow after him.
God used this moment with the boys and showed me that He loves me more then I love my children.. and when I choose other things over him, his heart breaks. He can’t make me spend time with Him.. What kind of relationship is that? He wants me to want to spend time with him. There is nothing he can do. He laid it all out. It’s your time to make a choice.
Choose to spend time with him today. Stop breaking the heart of the one who loves you more then you love your children.

I pray this song ruins you.. Open your heart and let him in.. choose Him today. Love him today.

How He Loves Us

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My Family

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The other day we were able to bring the boys to the park and just run all around. There was a point when Josh and I were just sitting watching the boys… That was one of those moments that I will cherish for a life time.

James 4:14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

There are many days that I wish that bedtime would come sooner rather then later.. That the weekend would just be here.. Or that the boys were just such and such older because then it would be easier… But every time that I am wishing these times to come quicker I am losing out on moments that I could be wanting to cherish for a life time.. I know it gets hard.. and I know that it gets to be very tiring.. But they grow up so fast… Don’t rush the time you have today for tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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I have a problem.. My children will not eat anything new!!!!
I try to think of new tasty treats for dinner and every time I fail! This has really become a stress for me because I fear they are not getting all that they need. (though the doctors do say they are healthy and doing fine) Its just freaking me out! I have tried pureeing their veggies into meals and every time with out fail they notice something different! They are like little bloodhounds : ) When they were young I thought I tried different foods to get their taste buds well rounded.. But they seemed to just stop liking the things they used to and now only stick to really a handful of things. My children don’t like spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, ground hamburger, or chicken any more : ( And forget about any vegetable .. they always end up under a place mat squished beyond recognition. So my questions to you are:

1. What do you feed your children?
2. How do you get them to eat the things you are eating?
3. Do you really let them go to bed hungry?

Please let know if you have any sneaky ideas that you can’t really taste or ideas on how to get them back to “normal” eating habits.

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Busy Busy

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I have been crazy busy these past few weeks! Starting the week of the 4th in October, I will be posting weekly devotionals/blogs to discuss that week. I was wondering what are some things that you would like to talk about. Post a comment here and I will for sure get back to you : )

We as a family have been just crazy busy. Joshua is super busy with the Back Room at Kaleo getting that ready for the Saturday night experiences starting the 25th. And then the boys and I have been hanging out with my Dad who is up from Florida for a few weeks.
Malachi is now Batman which is super cute. Dadda is Superman and Neo has been dubbed the Wolverine. : ) This is one of the first conversations between the superheros…
“Superman, do you have any super power?” – malachi asked with a stern voice and his arms crossed in front and back like batman does when ready to dash off.
“Yes I do.” -daddy responds with raspy voice, intense eyes and arms in super hero stance.
“Is it in your eyes?” – malachi’s stance still the same eyes very serious.
“Yes it is. Do you have any super powers?” – daddy holding back tears of laughter.
“Yes I do. It’s in my arms.” – malachi showing his super muscles, jumping up and down and his eyes lighting up.
(enter wolverine)
“Dat! Dat!” – nehemiah proudly yells as he shows off HIS super… powder!? : ) He had ran over and got the baby powder and was so proud that he had his! Joshua and I both just cracked up laughing. I love this new superhero stage!

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